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CAR RIDERS Drop-Off & Pick-up

CAR RIDERS Drop-Off & Pick-Up: Please follow the attached traffic flow map for students to
safely exit and enter vehicles.

We ask that all cars:
1. Enter and exit the South parking lot.
2. Form six lanes as you circle through the lot. Staff will assist with the traffic pattern.
3. Please place the name card in a visible location.
4. Stay in your vehicle while teachers escort students to vehicles.
5. We DO NOT release students to enter vehicles parked in our lot or across the street.

Car Riders (Arrival): We ask that adults remain in their vehicles when dropping students off. This ensures our line flows and moves at a consistent pace. We always have staff on hand to assist a student struggling to exit a vehicle.

Car Riders (Dismissal): Due to recess extending until 3:35 each day we keep our gates closed until students and staff are safely inside. Keep in mind the back up which occurs on Indendepence Ave if you arrive at the line early. We suggest lining up after 3:40 each day. Please remind students to stay seated in the car and buckle up once they enter in order to prevent injury in case of a fender bender.